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About Mountain Phoenix Roastery

One sip of Mountain Phoenix Coffee and you’ll taste the spirit and passion roasted into every batch of beans.

Mountain Phoenix Coffee is served at fine establishments around Colorado and the US and is available for wholesale purchases.

Mountain Phoenix Coffee Roasters…we celebrate the making, drinking and sharing of excellent coffee!

  • High altitude coffee
    High altitude coffee
    Our high altitude roaster is located at 7,083 feet of elevation in Salida, CO. Roasting at high altitude ensures an artfully crafted batch preserving all the coffee’s essential oils and freshness.
  • Highest quality beans
    Highest quality beans
    We source the world to find the highest quality coffee and purchase only 100% fair trade, organic beans.
  • The finest roasts and custom blends
    The finest roasts and custom blends
    We create balanced, delicious custom flavor profiles that enhance our single-origin coffees
  • Happy customers
    Happy customers
    Our customers throughout Colorado rave about our coffees.
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  • Dark roast
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Our delish coffee

is served throughout the state of Colorado

in coffee shops, restaurants,

bike shops, hot springs and hospitals

Would you like to carry Mountain Phoenix coffee?

We provide wholesale coffee to over 20 retail coffee shops, hotels, restaurants, hot springs resorts and other venues. We also sell our beans by the pound here online.

What our customers say


The Bean Pedaler
Canon City, CO

"We are proud to use Mountain Phoenix Coffee Roasters for all of our coffee needs! The freshness and quality roasting produces a coffee that is superior to all others and because of that we can serve up "The best coffee in Canon City!".


Valley View Hot Springs
San Luis Valley, CO

"We are delighted to treat our guests to local, fresh and most delicious Mountain Phoenix Coffee!"


Gonzo’s Coffee
Frisco, CO

"Hi folks! My name is Phillip and I own Gonzo's Coffee. Our name says coffee, so we are not about to trust our reputation to a second rate roaster, NEVER! We get the finest and freshest coffee from Bryan at Mountain Phoenix Coffee. Don't be fooled by overrated marketing and phrases or artwork. It's all about the coffee, baby."

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Bunny and Clyde’s Corner Cafe
Salida, CO

"The wheel, fire, humanity and Mountain Phoenix Coffee. We can't think of what our world would be without them."

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Little Red Hen Bakery
Salida, CO

"We are proud to serve Mountain Phoenix Roasters at Little Red Hen Bakery! It's Organic, roasted locally, and you can't beat working with Bryan. We keep our coffee simple and the quality shines. My favorite is the custom made Hen blend, and I can always be seen with a cup in hand!"

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