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One sip of Mountain Phoenix Coffee and you’ll taste the spirit and passion roasted into every batch of beans.

Mountain Phoenix Coffee Roasters searches the world for the best coffee from the best sources and roasts it in small batches to its absolute perfection. Our high altitude roaster is located at 7,083 feet of elevation in Salida, Colorado. Roasting at high altitude ensures an artfully crafted batch preserving all the coffee’s essential oils and freshness.

We seek out 100% fair trade, organic, shade grown, and sustainable sources as much as we can. It’s our goal to apply ethical business practices as well as exceed expectations when it comes to great coffee.

Bryan Joslin, Owner/Operator

Hi, thank you for visiting! My name is Bryan, and I founded and run Mountain Phoenix Coffee Roasters. I have been lucky enough to call Salida home since 1999. Before then, I fell in love with the area as a river guide in Coaldale, living along the banks of the Arkansas. My first foray in coffee was opening Sacred Ground Coffee in 2003. Many of the same patrons over 16 years ago are still dedicated customers of my old establishment.

I’ve always loved coffee, and the celebration around a great cup of Joe. Coffee brings together not only people, but agriculture, art and science, as well as cultural diversity. My first memory of tasting coffee, was visiting my uncle’s house in Brazil. Yep, I’m half Brazilian., my mother having immigrated to the United States in the 1970s.

I recall an espresso pot boiling on the stove, as a family reunion was going on, and I remember being able to have a little bit in a cup with a touch of sugar. That’s it. That’s my memory. Then it was off to play with my cousins. They did not speak English, and I did not speak Portuguese. But the age of 7-8, none of that mattered…

Life constantly presents us with challenges. The beginnings of Mountain Phoenix were no different. In the early morning of February of 2005, I was awoken to a frantic phone call from a neighbor nearby my shop, telling me the whole building was on fire. Due to a plumber’s oversight the night before, the entire building was in shambles, save for the four cinder walls left standing.  Thanks to the amazing fact that myself, the plumber and the building owner all had the same insurance, work began quickly to rebuild. As the project started to come together, I saw an opportunity to finish off part of the dream I was not able to when I first opened: the dream to roast my own coffee. So out of those ashes, Mountain Phoenix Coffee was born.

I could go on and on about ups, downs and lessons that coffee business has given me. I could go on about how the first Diedrich roaster I ordered overturned on the way up to Salida and how Diedrich pulled an even nicer roaster out of demo to get to me asap. I could go on about securing my first accounts before I had ever roasted a bean, with only the faith that I would be able to figure it out. I could go on about flavor profiling and high mountain roasting.

Yet, what I really want to speak of is the journey. Life is an amazing thing to live, if we let it be. Life is only the journey; our destinations always change. I hope in some small way that coffee I roast helps you along the journey of your life.

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