Sourced from family farms ranging from 4-100 acres in size through a family CO-OP(COMULFAC), This traditional Nicaraguan coffee produces a wonderfully mild and smooth cup with caramel and nut flavors.

Nicaragua Jinotega
Roast profile: Light
Roasted in Salida, CO

NEW!  Grown by the organic farmers of the NICARAGUA ORGANIC ALTO DE JINOTEGA SHG EP is sourced from family owned farms organized around Cooperativa Multifuncional Family Coffee R.L. (COMULFAC), a cooperative founded in 2013. This coffee is jam-packed with flavor and character. The natural (dried with coffee cherry around the bean) process of this Jinotega produces a well-toned, refined cup, with hints of cocoa in the body and a fruit-forward finish. This coffee goes great through a drip machine, or as a single origin shot of espresso.


NEW!: Trace your coffee to its roots!

Cooperativa Multifuncional Family Coffee R.L. (COMULFAC)
Variety Caturra, Catuai, Bourbon, Catimor, and Marogogype
Region Jinotega, Nicaragua
Harvest December – March
Altitude 980 – 1400 masl
Soil Clay minerals
Process Fully washed and sun-dried in the sun and Guardiola’s

Certifications: Organic