Come visit the Mountain Phoenix Cafe at 216 W Rainbow Blvd in Salida, CO!

We are open 7am-2pm every day!

Mountain Phoenix Cafe Salida
Christopher T., Denver, CO

Best latte I've had in a long time! I stopped by here after going to another local coffee shop, which was in the creative district, and had a very underwhelming almond milk latte. I was wanting a good drink before getting back on the road for a 4 hour long drive so did some googling and found this place. It was on my way out of town so I decided to stop by. The location is different, kind of a stand alone building right off a major road not close to any shops or restaurants or anything. Not walkable to anything if you're wanting to grab a drink and stroll through town, but I didn't mind. The barista was very friendly and you could tell she knew what she was doing. Definitely not an average coffee type place. I ordered a oatly milk latte and my girlfriend got a mazzy chai. Both were delicious! Next time I am in town I will definitely be back.

Gabe S., Decatur, TX

Invited to visit Mountain Phoenix, we stopped in on the way back East. Wow! What an amazing and pleasant difference from the same place, with a different name, we visited last September. So bright and warm, and the lighting that highlights the various artist on every wall makes the atmosphere that much more intimate and special. Barista Cassie really knows her magic ingredients. Coffee is next to amazing. We pretty much tasted every single ingredient. While we ate our breakfast burrito, It was nice to see everyone that walked in had a name and maybe even a routine; each grabbed their breakfast item, and ordered their usual. Friends walked in and said hi to each other. What an awesome experience at 7am traveling though Salida, CO.